• The short answer is no, you can use Jobhunt.is application form without registering. Some advertisement by employers post an e-mail or phone number in the advertisement itself so you can contact them directly. However, by registering with Jobhunt.is you will create an account, an online resume and have access to your job search and application history all in one place.
  • By registering as a candidate or just browsing jobhunt.is you are one step closer to finding your dream job in Iceland. Simply sign up for a free user account, create your online resume and keep up with the jobs you have already applied for. Search jobs by browsing all categories, using keywords or job titles and you might find what you are looking for! Check out our tips to increase your chances while on your job hunt in Iceland! A 100% filled out resume and a good CV puts you in the spotlight in the eyes of the employer!
  • Create an account as an Employer, you are now one step closer to reaching your ideal candidates all over Iceland! Once your account is ready, you can post a job advertisement. Don´t worry you always have access to the advertisement if you need to edit it, make any change or mark it when "filled". By marking it as "filled" it is unlisted automatically and no longer available. You can have more than one advertisement at a time for the different positions you need to fill! You can view applications from your dashboard where you can make notes, filter by status and much more. You can also choose to receive notifications on the applications via e-mail. If you have any questions please contact us at info@jobhunt.is
  • Promote Iceland (Íslandsstofa) launched a website in 2019 which links you to everything you need to know about working in Iceland. You will find information on the process of applying for a job, residence permits, insurance and tax, as well as information on the benefits of living in Iceland - https://work.iceland.is/working
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